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The Pex Pipe connected to the bottom of the pump runs to the house and normally runs to your heat exchanger - unless you have a boiler or are installing a Hydronic system. In that case, you will need a brazed-plate heat exchanger. which is normally used between the two systems to keep the water separate AND to keep the indoor system pressurized and the auto-fill valve working exactly as it is now.. See end of this section for more information on hooking up a brazed-plate heat exchanger.



The pump usually comes already mounted directly to the furnace, usually without a shut-off valve. However it is a good idea to install a shut-off valve above the pump (as pictured on page 24, so that if the pump ever has to be changed, the water supply can be shut off so water doesn’t flow out of the furnace. This will come in your kit.

Simply add a valve and a 1” pipe nipple, threaded on both ends, as shown below


Install a shut-off valve above the pump


WE recommend this so that you can change the pump without losing a lot of water and chemicals!

Start by unbolting the pump, using a socket and ratchet and a wrench.


Do not loose the rubber seal! 


Unscrew the flange (if insalled) with a pipe wrench, to put on the shut-off valve there, in its place.



Wrap the threads on the elbow with pipe thread tape.

Wrap the threads on the small pipe with pipe thread tape.


Screw the short piece of pipe tightly onto the shut-off valve.


Screw the flange onto the pipe, tightening all well. Make sure that the shut-off valve handle will clear the pump.

You can also turn the shut-off valve on the opposite way (direction) because the valve works either way.


Reattach the pump and bolt on the bottom flange (2 bolts top and 2 bolts bottom). Screw the fitting shown above (with the Teflon tape on it), into the flange.


Make sure the pipe is cut absolutely square and insert the sleeve, if using SharkBite fittings.

ProBite brand fittings do not use this sleeve.

Simply push the PEX pipe into the fitting until it bottoms out.



The completed installation should look like this:

Pump wiring installation shown here.



Installation of return line, shut-off valves and fittings


This is the completed installation:

Wood burning boiler installation kit return line

Adding two shut-off valves (a shut-off valve and faucet drain) on the return lines is done
so that if there is a potential problem with a stopped up heat exchanger or bad pump,
it can be diagnosed easily by the owner, without the need for a service call.

This is where you check your gallons per minute flow rate.



Here are all of the parts laid out like they need to be assembled.



Put Teflon tape on a small pipe (with pipe thread fittings) as shown.

Make sure you wrap the tape the correct way, as shown. Wrap the opposite way from the way it screws on.



Screw another pipe (wrapped with Teflon tape too) onto the shut-off valve, followed by the 'T' and the Pex fitting. Be sure to orient the 'T' and shut-off valve so that the shut-off valve handle clears the drain. You can also turn the shut-off valve on the opposite way (direction) because the valve works either way.


Screw in the faucet-type valve, using Teflon tape, as always.



Now connect the Pex pipe.


Sharkbite™ fitting. Simply push the pipe all the way in until it seats.


Be sure to use the plastic insert if using genuine SharkBite™ fittings. The Pex pipe MUST be cut square!

ProBite™ brand fittings do not use this insert.


Wood Boiler Installation kit - return line

The Pex pipe is shown attached here, and the job is complete!



Boiler hookup for baseboard and radiant heat with plate exchanger

Boiler hookup for baseboard and radiant heat with plate exchanger

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