Water Pump Wiring


Armstrong Pump Shown

Remove cover

Insert wires through grommet; leaving it loose for now.


Strip wires 1/4"




Connect Black to the L (live) terminal (bottom) of the pump

White to common (center) of the pump

Ground (bare copper) wire, goes to the top ground terminal, as shown below.

Tighten grommet at the top, finger tight.

Reinstall cover.


Wiring TACO Brand Pumps


Taco pumps have a cover that you remove. Inside you will find two wires.

The white is the neutral wire in the black is hot, as normal. Be sure to attach the ground wires to the green ground screw.

Wrap the wires together and then use a wire nut to secure the wires.


Slide cover back on.


Screw the cover back on and that's it! Simple stuff!

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