Modine style Hanging Heat Exchangers


Hanging Water to Air Heat Exchangers
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Water to air heat exchangers with squirrel cage fan

Heat garages, greenhoses, workshops and basements

Hanging Heat Exchangers


Side view of fan and ductwork
Side view of fan and ductwork with squirrel cage fan for higher
air flow (CFMs) than blade fans which means more BTUs!

Front view of heat exchanger and ductwork
Front view of heat exchanger and ductwork  

These fan forces all of the air through the heat exchanger, in part because of the ductwork, that doesn't allow the air to escape out the sides of a flat fan.

Modine Style
Water to Air Heat Exchangers

60,000 - 269,000 Btu Starting at $495
Heat Exchanger Fittings Heat Exchanger Straight Fittings Hydrocoil kit (SharkBite type fittings for these water-to-air heat exchanger) $17.37 elbow/pr

straight pr


BTU Output Coil Size Fan Specs Price
60,000 12" x 12" 3-speed
580 CFM - Low

1578 CFM High
149,000 18" x 18" $541.00
195,000 20" x 20" $639.00
269,000 22" x 25" $705.00
  Other sizes are special order. CALL FOR PRICES! 828-

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Modine style Hanging Heat Exchangers

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